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                                                                                                                                                 Volume        Pages
Michael O. Adams, Gbolahan S. Osho, Texas Southern University
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Mad-Cow Disease: Evidence from Public
Administration Perspective                                                                                                       28-2             1-8

Phani Tej Adidam, University of Nebraska at Omaha,
Agne Reizgeviciute, Kansas State University
The Importance of Color in Global Marketing                                                                          28-2             9-16

Patricia D. Adkins-Ainsa, University of Texas at El Paso
Student Evaluation of College Education Classes: A Redesign Preference                         26-2             1-4

Bahram Adrangi, Mary E. Allender, The University of Portland
An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Activity
and Macroeconomic Conditions
                                                                                               25-2             1-10

Bahram Adrangi, Richard D. Gritta, University of Portland,
Kambiz Raffiee, University of Nevada, Reno
The Long-Run Dynamic Equilibrium between Air Carrier Capacity
and Profitability                                                                                                                         28-1             1-11

Patricia Ainsa, University of Texas at El Paso
Online Collaboration in  Teacher Education                                                                           29-1             1-6

Patricia Ainsa, Souraya Hajjar, El Paso Community College
Socialization and Perspective in the United States: A Middle Eastern Focus                       26-1             1-4 

L. J. Allred, R. C. Chia, K. L. Wuensch, J. J. Ren, East Carolina University,
D. M. Miao, Fourth Military Medical University, Xian, China
In-Groups, Out-Groups and Middle-Groups in China and the United States                         29-1             7-15

Valerie Amber, Denise Tolbert, National University
Distributed Learning: Not Just for Students, A New Way of Mentoring Faculty                   29-1            16-18

Holly Anderson, Jack Hourcade, Boise State University
What Were You Thinking! Gender-Based Cognitive Differences and
Developing Teaching Skills of Preservice Students in an Urban Setting
                             28-2            17-2

Carolyn Awalt, Patricia Ainsa, University of Texas at El Paso
Developing an Online Social Studies Resource: Needs Assessment Phase                          27-2           11-16

Beth Ann Bader-Paetschow, California State University, Bakersfield
Using and Analytical Entrance Essay as a Reliable and Valid Credential
Program Admittance Criterion Measure
                                                                                  27-1              1-4

Raymond J. Ballard, Texas A&M University, Commerce
Rising Gasoline Prices and Consumer Behavior                                                                     29-1           19-21

Roger C. Barnes, University of the Incarnate Word
Peacemaking Criminology: Challenges and Possibilities                                                        29-1          22-28

John A. Bates, Tiffin University
Social Science Program Assessment:
Demands, Problems, and a Promising New Method                                                                 26-2             5-11

Ron Becker, Northeastern State University
Communist China’s Shift to the Left?                                                                                      28-1            12-20

Nurun Begum, Larry A. Vold, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Practice to Theory to Practice: Changing Perceptions and Developing
Teaching Skills of Preservice Students in an Urban Setting
                                                  28-2           24-31

Arlin. James Benjamin, Jr., Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Human Aggression and Violence:
Understanding Torture From A Psychological Perspective                                                     26-2           12-19

Linda Bennett, University of Missouri – Columbia,
Susan B. Serota, Westminster College
The Impact of Teaching Philosophy on Instructional Strategies:
Reflections of Fine Tuning an Online Graduate Course
                                                         28-2           32-41

Paul Bland, Steve Neill, Emporia State University
Planning Aligned Instruction for High-Level Achievement                                                     27-1            5-10

Deborah Bridges, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Factors Influencing Agricultural Land Values in Nebraska                                                    27-2           17-27

Martin Brittain, Allen Francis Ketcham, Texas A&M University, Kingsville
An Empirical Analysis within a College of Business Administration
of the Veracity of the Feminist Proposition Regarding Gender-Based Ethics
                       29-1           29-44

Greg Brownell, Nancy Brownell, Bowling Green State University
Beyond Corporateering: Moving Toward Democratic Values                                                 26-1             5-10

Greg Brownell, Nancy Brownell, Bowling Green State University
Using Technology/Media to Marry Social Science and the Humanities                                  28-2           42-48

M. Gershon Bulgatz, Dennis Lehman, Montana State University-Billings
Visual Statement Learning: A Preliminary Study                                                                    28-1           21-27

Lloyd R. Burton, Richard Dahlkemper, Weber State University
Communication Issues in Online Learning                                                                              27-2           28-34

Jack Call, Citrus College
Intelligent Design: What Is The Hypothesis?                                                                            29-1           45-49

Jack Call, Citrus College
Moral Facts and Value-Free Social Science                                                                             25-2           11-15

Rosina C. Chia, Cathy Hall, Kris Smith, East Carolina University
Michael Hansen, North Carolina State University
Using Virtual Communication Technology to Enhance International Experience                25-2           16-25

Claire Sham Choy, Bernard W. Arenz, California State University, Fresno
Interpersonal Trust Between Teachers and Black High School Students                             25-2           26-35

Robert Clarke, Leanne Biddle, Megan Hockenbroch, Bloomsburg University
Applying the No Child Left behind Accountability Model to Other
Government Employees                                                                                                             26-1          11-13

Robert Clarke, Gordon Snow, Neil Brown, Bloomsburg University
Teacher Job Dissatisfaction                                                                                                     26-2          20-23

Frank D’Angelo, Bloomsburg University
Models of Coaching                                                                                                                   26-1          22-26

Frank D’Angelo, Bloomsburg University
Robert Zemanick, Nazareth Area School District
The Twilight Academy – An Alternative Education Program that Works                              28-2          49-53

José Arimatéia da Cruz, Armstrong Atlantic State University
Margaret Keiley-Listermann, Georgia Perimeter College’s Dunwoody Campus
Incorporating an African Perspective in a Traditional Political Science
Introductory Course                                                                                                                   26-1           14-21

José de Arimatéia da Cruz, Becky da Cruz, Armstrong Atlantic State University
An Unusual Choice Michelle Bachelet, President, in Conservative Chile                             29-1           50-55

Prem S. Dean, National University
Preparing Teachers for Education in a Diverse World                                                            29-1          56-58

Dilara Demirbulak, CANKAYA University, Fen-Edebiyat Fakultesi
P. Masila Mutisya, North Carolina University
Figen Demirbulak, Mesa Kemerburgaz Evleri 10/9
Phyllis Horton, Piedmont Community College
An International Comparative Study on Organizational Intelligence                                     27-1           11-17

Jason Dietrich, Hannes Johannsson, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Searching for Age and Gender Discrimination in Mortgage Lending                                    27-1           18-28

Kevin L. Dooley, Monmouth University
Reshaping Identity: The Impact of Globalization and the Rise of American-English            28-2           54-62

Jane Eberle, Marcus Childress, Emporia State University
Heutagogy: It Isn’t Your Mother’s Pedagogy Any More                                                            28-1           28-32

Jane H. Eberle, Emporia State University
What Are We Waiting For? We Need Universal Design for Learning – Yesterday                25-2           36-40

Robert C. Evans, David V. Witkosky, Auburn University Montgomery
Bridging the Gap: Integrating Research with the Teaching of General
Education Courses                                                                                                                     27-2          35-43

Robert C. Evans, David V. Witkosky, Auburn University Montgomery
Socrates Updated: Using the Socratic Method to Foster Scholarly Publication
by Students                                                                                                                                 28-1          33-44

Michael D. Everett, Murray S. Anthony, East Tennessee State University
Investing For Retirement – 15 years of Analysis and Insights                                                 26-2          24-35

J. David Fairbanks, University of Houston-Downtown
What a Difference 100 Years Make: Two Very Different Vice Presidencies                          29-1          59-65

J. David Fairbanks, University of Houston-Downtown
Why All the Hype about Morality Issues in the 2004 Elections?                                             27-2           44-50

Lawrence A. Fehr, Widener University, Ryan L. Fehr, The College of New Jersey,
John P. Galla, Erin L. Byrnes, Widener University
Elder Abuse Attitudes: Cross-Cultural Differences Revisited                                                26-1           27-33

Lawrence A. Fehr, John P. Galla, Erin L. Byrnes, Widener University
Ryan L. Fehr, The College of New Jersey
Elder Abuse: Participant and Perpetrator Variables                                                               27-1          29-35

Ryan Fehr, The College of New Jersey
Country of Origin Cues in Brand Personality Assessment                                                      28-1          45-51

Scott M. Finnie, Eastern Washington University
Revisiting the Dynamics of Affirmative Action: Its Definition, Theme,
and Contention                                                                                                                           29-1          66-74

Michael Firmin, Chi-en Hwang, Janine Helmick, Brian Iezzi, Cedarville University
Personal Motivation and its Effect on Compliance                                                                  26-2           36-40

Harvey C. Foyle, Emporia State University
Safe Surfing – Not the Ocean but the Web                                                                              26-2          41-44

Amy Richards Franzini, Widener University
The World of Teenage Television: A Longitudinal Content Analysis
of Prime-Time
Programming Most Popular among Adolescents                                             27-2        107-122

Gordon L. Freeman, Jr., H. Ronald Moser, Middle Tennessee State University
Attitudes Toward Advertising by Optometrists and Their Use of
Various Media Practices                                                                                                            25-2          41-51

H. Steve Freeman, West Kentucky Community & Technical College,
Riza Marjadi, Martin Milkman, Murray State University
Impact of a Group of Rural Community Technology Centers on
Credit Recovery and Academic Intervention: A Case Study from
Far Western Kentucky
                                                                                                               26-1          34-41

Jerry P. Galloway, Georgia Southern University
Society Demands Educators Embrace Graphic Imagery                                                         27-2          51-57

Reed Geertsen, Utah State University
Mortality Risk Factors and Expectations for Survival among Young-Old and
Old‑Old Americans                                                                                                                     28-2           63-74

Martin E. Goldstein, Widener University
Failed States: The New Threat to America                                                                               28-1          52-58

Herbert E. Gooch II, California Lutheran University
Terrorism in the Classroom: Notes on Educating with Cinema
Across Disciplines (The Battle of Algiers)
                                                                                29-1        155-160

William Gudelunas, College of the Desert
Social Scandals and Presidential Elections, 1884 to 1996:
They did not start with Cleveland and will not end with Clinton.
                                           26-1          42-48

Kirmanj Gundi, Tennessee State University
Mohammad Sadik, Salahaddin University, Kurdistan-Iraq
Educating Students with Integrity                                                                                            27-1           36-45

Cathy W. Hall, East Carolina University
CPS: Increasing Classroom Participation via Technology                                                      26-1           49-56

Pamela Harquail, David A. Smith, Tennessee State University
Harassment In Higher Education                                                                                               27-1          46-49

Jeffrey M. Hawkins, University of Memphis
How the Pendulum Swings: Preparing  Beginning Teachers for
Diversity Inclusion
                                                                                                                    27-1           50-56

Ronald G. Helms, Wright State University
Impressions of the Chinese                                                                                                    27-1           57-62

Ronald G. Helms, Wright State University,
Tracy Rusch, Dayton Public Schools, Member of Board of Education,
Julieanne Phillips, Dayton Public Schools, Partnership Coordinator
A Tripartite History Partnership                                                                                                26-2          45-49

Nicole Hodges, Northwestern Indiana Special Education Cooperative
Jeffrey M. Byford, Indiana University Northwest
A Study of Test Anxiety and Students in Special Education                                                  25-2           52-57

Samuel B. Hoff, Delaware State University
Book  Review: His Excellency: George Washington                                                                 25-2         105-107

Samuel B. Hoff, Delaware State University
Book Review: Visions of Victory: The Hopes of Eight World War II Leaders                           29-1         161-162

Samuel B. Hoff, Delaware State University
Sustaining His Stand: The Veto Record of President George Bush                                       27-2          58-67

Sue Hollandsworth, Calvin F. Meyer, Marshall University Graduate College
National Board Certification of Teachers: Does It Make a Difference In The
Utilization of Best Practices?                                                                                                    28-1           59-67

Bryan H. Hoyt, Ilie P. Vasilescu, Kristina Feeser
University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Evaluation of Assessment Methods and Long-Term Retention of Knowledge                      26-1           27-63

Roberto Marie Ike, Lincoln University
Centesimus Annus: A Perspective on Capitalism in Social Economics                                29-1           75-83

Roberto Marie Ike, Lincoln University
Welfare-to-Work Implementation: The New Face of Paternalism?                                        28-2           75-82

E. Jane Irons, Nancy L. Carlson, Lamar University,
Paige Mask, Stephen F. Austin State University
Pedagogy Differences Found Between Traditional and Alternative
Prepared Teachers                                                                                                                    28-2           83-87

E. Jane Irons, Lamar University, Earnestine Broyles, Texas Woman’s University
The Principal’s Responsibility for Special Education Programs and Students:
A National Perspective                                                                                                              26-1           64-67

E. Jane Irons, Lamar University, Linda Schertz, University of North Texas,
Dwane Allen, Texas Woman’s University
Teacher Differences Found In Classroom Discipline Management Strategies                     26-2           50-54

Davor Jedlicka, Marcus Stadelmann, The University of Texas at Tyler
The Future of the Textbook: A Study of Student Reactions to the Homebook and
Traditional Textbook                                                                                                                 25-2           58-63

Allan Jenkins, Ronald T. Konecny, University of Nebraska at Kearney
An Economic Argument for Using Biological Controls for Purple Loosestrife                      23-1           56-63

Samuel J. Katz, Ohio Wesleyan University
‘Standard’ Americans? The National Standards for Civics and Government                       27-2           68-75

Ruth R. Kennedy, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Breaking  Down the Barriers of Age Segregation                                                                   26-2           55-65

Bill Kirtley, Central Texas College, Patricia M. Kirtley, Independent Scholar
Dick Whittington: Paragon of Social Mobility                                                                          27-1           63-69

Bill Kirtley, Central Texas University
Ruffles and Flourishes: Teaching about U.S. Government Using
the Television Show Commander in Chief
                                                                              29-1            84-90

Bill Kirtley, Central Texas College
Lost or Ambushed: American Foreign Policy during the Afghanistan and
Iraq Conflicts                                                                                                                              26-1           68-74

Robert C. Koettel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Archetypal Motifs in Dream Journals                                                                                       25-2           64-68

Robert C. Koettel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Patterns of Dream Recall In Dream Journals                                                                          26-1           75-78

Robert C. Koettel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Recurring Themes in Dream Records                                                                                      28-2           88-92

Kim Korcsmaros, Calvin F. Meyer, Michael H. Murphy,
Marshall University Graduate College
Brain Based Learning and the Implications for Teaching Social Science                             27-1           70-75

Philip E. Lampe, University of the Incarnate Word
Education For Living Or For Making A Living?                                                                        29-1           91-94

James J. Lawler (With Statistical Analysis by Brent Hill), Oklahoma University
Emergency Response Liability and Public Policy in the Twenty-First Century:
Is Liability Law Up To The Challenge Of Homeland Security?                                                28-1           68-75

Danny Ledonne, Adams State College
Book Review: Failed States                                                                                                        28-1         130-146

Peter Kwok Chei Li, University of Akron
Training Agendas for Social Workers in a Culturally Sensitive Practice                              28-2           93-100

Paul S. Lieber, University of South Carolina,
Jeffrey T. Schulz, Central Community College
A Comparison of Reported Volunteer Rates Between Blacks
and Whites in a Mid‑Size, Southern City    
                                                                              28-2         101-118

Pin-Shuo Liu, Monica Nyamwange, William Paterson University
Perceptions Towards Strategies For Reducing Inequalities Among Various
Ethnic/Racial Groups                                                                                                                25-1          121-129

Terry L. Lovelace, Northwest Missouri State University
Improving Inquiry and Problem-Solving Skills: Incorporating
Culturally-conscious Trade Books in Social Studies
                                                              26-1           79-86

Terry L. Lovelace, Northwest Missouri State University
Using Children’s Trade Books for Multiple Perspectives:
Combating Ethnocentrism
                                                                                                       27-2           76-79

H. R. Mahood, The University of Memphis
527 Organizations: New Kid on the Block                                                                                27-2           81-87

H. R. Mahood, The University of Memphis
SPIN Is In: The Bush Administration’s Brilliance or Baloney?                                                27-1           76-81

H. R. Mahood, Ramona M. Mahood, The University of Memphis
Think Tanks and Public Policy:  The Politics of Expertise                                                     28-2         119-126

Barbara L. Martin-Stanley, Charles R. Martin-Stanley, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
Constructivism and Technology: Strategies for Increasing
Student Learning Outcomes                                                                                                     29-1           95-99

James Mbuva, National University
Understanding Ways of Motivating Resistant Students to Learning:
From Theory to Practice                                                                                                            29-1         100-104

Robert McClure, St. Olaf College, Linda Gatlin, Walden University
Assessment of Online Learning Environments Using the OCLES(20)                                   28-2         127-132

Edna Meisel, Calvin F. Meyer, Marshall University Graduate College
Is Integrated Curriculum Defined and Is It Making A Difference?                                          27-2           88-90

Ben Miles
Book Review: America Back on Track                                                                                      29-1         163-164

Ben Miles, National University
Book Review: The Art of Teaching                                                                                            26-2         119

Ben Miles, National University
Book Review: Blink                                                                                                                      27-1        112

Martin Milkman, Barry T. Brown, Murray State University
Enhancing Student Learning in Economics Through the Use of
Personal Response Systems                                                                                                     28-2         133-136

Martin I. Milkman, Riza D. Marjadi, Murray State University,
Steve H. Freeman, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Student Outcomes of Rural Community Technology Centers:
Additional Evidence from a Case Study in Far Western Kentucky                                        27-2            91-94

María E. Morales, Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Teaching History in the Bilingual Elementary School Classroom                                          29-1         105-107

María E. Morales, Texas A&M University – Kingsville
The Values of Mexican American Bilingual Families                                                              25-2           69-71

Leonard Nass, William Craven, New Jersey City University
Success and the Entrepreneurial Mind                                                                                    25-2          72-75

Nghiep Nguyen, Al Cripps, Hoang Nguyen, Middle Tennessee State University
Using Online Discussion to Foster Online Learning Effectiveness:
An Empirical Analysis                                                                                                                27-1          82-86

Douglas Nilson, Idaho State University
Book Review: The Art of Political Warfare                                                                                27-1         113-114

Douglas Nilson, Idaho State University
Distinctive Metaphors to Use in Political Science Classes                                                     25-2           76-81
Douglas Nilson, Idaho State University
Using Independent Expenditures to Leverage Free Media in a Political Campaign              26-1           87-89

James E. Nowlin, Montana State University – Billings
The Death of a Profession: School Counseling in the Twenty-First Century                        26-2           66-72

Monica Nyamwange, Pin-Shuo Liu, William Paterson University
Variables Affecting the Extent to Which African Immigrants Achieve
Their Objectives of Seeking Employment in the United States:

A Case Study of Kenyan Immigrants in Jersey City                                                                 27-1           87-95

Wayne H. Oberle, St. Ambrose University
The Failure of Anti-Developmental Economic Growth: The Time to Produce
Peace by Choosing Win-Win Over Win-Lose Economics                                                       28-1           76-84

James Ochwa-Echel, Oberlin College
Impact of Computers on Cultures in Third World Countries:
A Case of Computers in Education                                                                                           27-2          95-106

Raphael O. Ogom, DePaul University
Tertiary Education and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa at
the Dawn of the Twenty First Century: A Lost Hope, Or Present Opportunity?
                   29-1         108-119

Imafedia Okhamafe, University of Nebraska
The (Meta)Physics in Mathematics, Ethics, and Aesthetics:
Mountain Pluralism and Market Pluralism (A Prologue)
                                                         26-1           90-95

Dinker I. Patel, Kentucky State University
Dimensions of Population and Health in Africa                                                                       28-1           85-87

Dinker I. Patel, Kentucky State University
Health Care Services and the HIV / Aids Situations in South Africa                                      27-1           96-99

Linda Petroff, Central Community College – Grand Island Campus
The Dynamics of Inconsistent Attendance, Performance, and
Completion in a Community College Population
                                                                      26-2          73-80

Robert W. Pineda-Volk, Shippensburg University
Exploring the “Tragic Mulatto” Stereotype Through Film History                                          28-1           88-91

Melvyn C. Raider, Wayne State University
Adjustment to Divorce: Intimate Relationships and Sexuality                                                29-1        120-124

Melvyn C. Raider, Wayne State University
The Aftermath of Divorce: Custody, Visitation and Child Support                                         26-1          96-100

Melvyn C. Raider, Kris Buffington, Wayne State University
Child Trauma Therapy Goals and Procedures Checklist                                                        25-2           82-86

Melvyn C. Raider, Wayne State University
Family Therapy with Poverty Level African-American Families                                             28-2         137-143

Dianna Lipp Rivers, Lamar University
Problems and Solutions in European Socialized Medicine:
Are They Applicable to the U.S.?                                                                                              26-2           81-86

Daniel L. Reynolds, H. Ronald Moser, Middle Tennessee State University
The Public’s Impression of Labor Unions in a Right-to-Work State:
A Comparison of the Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Union Support
                27-2         146-156

William Benedict Russell III, the University of Mississippi, Anthony Pellegrino,
Florida State University, Jeff Byford, Valdosta State University
High School Students and Their Political Views                                                                     28-1           92-96

Seymour J. Schwartz, Emeritus, City Colleges of Chicago
Expectations, Accountability, and the Need for Educational Reform:
Living in a Fool’s World                                                                                                             28-2         144-153

Cynthia Anast Seguin, Armand M. Seguin, Emporia State University
Using RSS Feeds in Social Science Education                                                                        28-1           97-103

Claire A. Sham Choy, Bernard W. Arenz, California State University, Fresno
Black Middle School Students’ Perceptions of Trustworthiness in their
School Counselors: Implications for Counselor Education
                                                    29-1         125-132

Andrea J. Shelton, Texas Southern University,
Teresa G. Laird, Northeastern State University
Non-Traditional Commuter University Students: Patterns
of Alcohol Use and Negative Consequences   
                                                                        28-2         154-158

Chich-Jen Shieh, I-Ming Wang, Chang Jung Christian University
Yang Xiao-Ming, University of Science and Technology, Beijing
Study on the Higher Education Service Export Trade in China                                             26-1         101-107

Chich-Jen Shieh, I-Ming Wang, Change Jung Christian University
Common Features and Differences of Higher Educational Systems in
Mainland China and Taiwan                                                                                                      26-2           87-92

Lori Simons, Beverly Cleary, Widener University
An Evaluation of an Academic Service-Learning Model:
What and How Do Students’ Learn While Engaged in Service-Learning?                            26-2           93-109

Betty A. Sims, Texas Southern University
Teresa G. Laird, Northeastern State University,
Andrea J. Shelton, University of Texas, Houston
A Comparative Analysis of Vocational Preferences of African-American
Students in a Charter and a Traditional Public School
                                                          27-1         100-105

Osho Gbolahan Soloman, Carolyn Ashe, University of Houston Downtown
Jennifer Wickramatunge, Stewart & Stevenson, TVSLP
Correlation of Morale, Productivity and Profit in Organizations                                            26-1         108-114

David Steiniche, Missouri Western State College
Distance Education: Fad or Future?                                                                                        26-1         115-117

David Steiniche, Missouri Western State College
The Economist and the President Clinton Scandal: A British View of
Sex in the West Wing                                                                                                                29-1         133-135

Robert Strittmatter, Charles O’Donnell, Joseph Ford, Iona College
Trust Funds And The Federal Budget                                                                                      25-2           87-93

Edward A. Sullivan, Catherine L. Keating, Providence College;
Rose L. Sullivan, Allen Avenue School
A Continuing Examination of the Enrollment Gaps Between
Male and Female Students In Post‑Secondary Education
                                                       26-1         118-124

Edward A. Sullivan, Catherine L. Keating, Providence College
Rose L. Sullivan, Allen Avenue School
Enrollment Gaps Between Male And Female Students in Post-Secondary Education          25-2          94-98

Nena Tórrez, California State University, San Bernardino
A Comparative Analysis of Vocational Preferences of African-American Students
in a Charter and a Traditional Public School                                                                          27-2         123-127

Nena Tórrez, James Dulgeroff, California State University, San Bernardino
Disposable Humans: The Growing Problem of Human Trafficking in the U.S.                     26-1          125-132

Philip A. Trostel, University of Maine
Does Public Investment in Higher Education Pay for States?                                                26-2         110-118

Luke Tse, Michael Firmin, Chi-en Hwang, Stephanie Firebaugh, Cedarville University
Generational Perspectives on Interracial Relationships:
A Comparison of Parent and Child Views                                                                                28-1         104-115

Emmanuel N. Uwalaka, Saint Louis University
The Church and HIV/AIDS in Nigeria: The Case of Two Dioceses                                          27-2         128-135

Ram Valluru, Sailja Valluru, University of Nebraska – Kearney
NAFTA: Did the U.S. Get a Raw Deal?                                                                                      26-1         133-137

Daisy B. Wall, William E. Snizek, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Desktop Graffiti: An Unobtrusive Measure of Student Culture and Campus Climate          28-2         159-164

Helga S. Walz, University of Baltimore
The Effectiveness of an SPSS Workshop for Constructing Graphs                                      29-1         136-141

I-Ming Wang, Chich-Jen Shieh, Chang Jung Christian University
Development of Mainland China’s Vocational Education –
Facing the Pounding of the Market Economy
                                                                          25-2           99-104

Andrew J. Waskey, Dalton State University
The Political Theory of Theocracy                                                                                           28-1          116-129

R. Wade Wheeler, Lloyd Wright, Chris Frost, Texas State University
Social Influence and Alcohol Abuse in a Sample of College Students                                  27-1         106-111

Stephen Earl White, Columbus Technical College
Variables that Inhibit Middle and Upper Class African Americans from
Achieving Racial Cohesion                                                                                                       27-2         136-???

Wayne S. Wooden, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Social-Cultural and Critical Responses to “Brokeback Mountain”                                        29-1         142-149

Baomei Zhao, University of Akron, Stephan M. Wilson, University of Nevada, Reno,
Peter Li, University of Akron
Chinese adolescent Individualism & Collectivism in the Parent-
Adolescent Relationship                                                                                                            29-1        150-154

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